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No Show Policy

There will be a $15.00 uncharge for the first 2 no-shows. After two no-shows, the customer will be charged a full grooming base price of $50.00 and will have to pay in advance for their next scheduled appointment.

Health/medical problems

Occasionally grooming exposes hidden medical problems or aggravate a current one.  Please let us know of any problem new or old so that we may take this into consideration for pet(s) comfort.  This can occur during or after grooming.  All veterinary care will be covered by the owner.  In the event that a medical emergency arises you will be notified of the emergency, if the emergency.  If the emergency is of an extreme nature we will seek medical care from the nearest Veterinarian available.  This will be at the owners expense. 

Pet/Groomer Safety

Although accidents do happen and are rare, that is a risk when grooming any pet.  We use extreme care in all situations to prevent any accidents. Grooming equipment is very sharp, possible problems that may occur are cuts, nicks, scratches, quicken of nails. In most cases this happens when a pet is wiggling, and moving around.  We take safety and comfort seriously. All devices will be used humanely and for the shortest amount of time possible.  I  may use  muzzles, elastic collars, slings, and in some cases restraints to protect the pet(s) and or groomer.  It is also imperative that the pet and the groomer be alone in a quiet environment without distractions.  Therefor, clients are not allowed to watch or assist in any grooming procedure.

We want to avoid any undue stress for your pet(s) and we request that you reveal any problems that the pet may have or have had with any grooming procedure such as nail trimming, ear cleaning or plucking, anal gland expression,  high velocity drying, and clippers.   We will do our best to complete all procedures however if your pet is extremely sensitive to any of the procedures it is possible that we may not be able to complete that task.  We ask you to be patient with your pet and allow us time to build on the trust and acceptance that your pet needs to have these procedures completed  This may take more than 1 visit to complete. 

Owners assumes all liabilities, financial or otherwise for the behavior and health of their pet(s)in consideration of the services rendered by BNM and waives any and all claims, actions, or demands of any nature foreseen or unforeseen against BNM relating to the care and/or safety of the pet(s) during the grooming process.  All veterinary expenses are the owners responsibility.


Fleas and ticks are a year round problem on Johns Island.  We try to maintain a  flea free environment, if your pet(s) are excessively infested with fleas/ticks we will give a 24 hour capstar* treatment and a flea bath. The charge for this will be $15.00.  We also have 30 day products available at reasonable cost


The United States only required vaccine is  Rabies, all other vaccines are up to the owner, and are given at the recommendation of a Veterinarian.  However I also know that giving vaccinations to frequently exposes your pet(s) to vaccinosis.  I do require that your pet have the basic vaccination series completed and at least 1 rabies before we will groom your dog.  I do not require kennel cough, however you need to be aware that with as many dogs that come and go in the shop it is a possibility that your dog may contract kennel cough even if your dog has been vaccinated in the past.  BNM does not assume any liability for this.  Making sure your dog is vaccinated and up to date is the owners responsibility.  Please discuss this with your veterinarian or one of the staff members at BNM. 


younger than 13 weeks are not eligible for rabies, therefor only these puppies/kittens will be allowed to be groomed before the vaccinations are complete.  Also first grooms are to be fun, and so are not  guaranteed.   If you teach your puppy basic discipline, to be still for brushing, and acceptance of nail and paw handling the professional grooming will be easier and accepted better by the pet and groomer. We have special tearless shampoos that are fragrance free, this is a learning and a training experience.  These first sessions are meant to gain trust and acceptance of the grooming process .  We will not accept any pet(s) to be groomed younger than 10 weeks of age. 


Muzzling protects the pet(s) from injury, if they are prone to biting the clippers or scissors when they are close to the face.  They do not harm the dog in any way.  It also allows me to continue the grooming process that would otherwise have to be stopped.  In some cases we find that the muzzle actually comforts the pet,  helps them to calm down.  I will try many techniques and methods prior to using a muzzle.  If you know your dog needs a muzzle for grooming procedures or for calming, please tell us.  If the pet(s) still acts in a dangerous way we will stop the grooming process, give the pet(s) a break, and see if we can resume grooming  after a rest period.  If not the pet will be sent home with the grooming incomplete and payment for services rendered will be collected.  You will be given the option of returning a few days later to attempt to finish the grooming.

Dangerous/aggressive dogs

BNM has the right to refuse and service at any time.  In the vent that your pet(s) is to stressed/dangerous to groom the process will be stopped, owner called and fee for services rendered charged.  If at any time a second person is needed to assist with the grooming a aggressive or dangerous pet(s) a additional handling fee will be charged not to exceed 60.00.  I will tell you this is the area i am the most intolerant of .  As I explained in the welcome letter. 

Interruptions during the grooming process

For the safety fo the pet(s) being groomed, as well as the professional Groomer, it is asked that you do not interrupt the groomer during the process.  If  you arrive to pick up or check on your pet(s) and it is still being groomed  PLEASE do not talk to your pet, or allow them to see you.  Please stay up front and quietly inquire about your pet(s).  Please wait for your pet to be finished outside of the shop.  A overly excited pet(s) can be dangerous to continue to work on.  If you insist on interrupting the process to your pet or the groomer, I will end the session even if the dog is not completed and the full grooming price will be charged.  Remember I am working with extremely sharpe and pointed instruments.

Elderly pets

If you pet is elderly and required extra time to be groomed due to their age and health the grooming will be charge will be at a flat rate of $60.00 per hour instead of the current grooming rate. 

Grooming an elderly dog can be mental and physically challenging for the pet. If in my judgement brushing, clipping or any other process is determined too cause to much stress, we will modify the cut or terminate grooming at any stage and notify for pickup.  You are more than welcome to schedule a elderly pets grooming in more than one session as to accommodated their special needs. 

Dogs over 85 pounds

Very large dogs take longer to groom please let us know if you have a very large dog so that adequate time is allowed for the appointment. 

Late/ “No Show”s

You will be sent a text/email at 48 hours prior to your grooming appointment.  24 hour notice is required for cancellation of a scheduled appointment.  Leaving a message on the answering machine is sufficient, this allows time to book a replacement for your appointment.  The client may be billed up to the normal grooming fee if notice is not provided.  Services may be terminated if this behavior become habitual.  Life happens and we are all caught off guard and sometimes can not help but be late due to no fault of our own, please call to let us know.  Depending on the service you have chosen we may have to reschedule or your grooming time will be extended.

Completion time

Every effort will be made to keep our schedule running smoothly.  A typical pet groom can take 3-5 hours from the time of your appointment to pickup notification.  If your pet or one before you has behavior issues, or skin or coat problems, you may be looking at a longer period of time.  If you need your pet returned in a specific time please let us know at the time you scheduled the service.  I am happy to work with you as much as possible.  

We do not have waiting facilities for the comfort and safety of your pet(s).  Please refrain from coming in prior to your pet(s) being completed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us.  If you are unhappy for any reason and would like something adjusted, we will be happy to make any adjustments when you pick up your pet.  Any other adjustments may be made within 24 hours of pickup at no additional cost.  Otherwise it will be considered an new service. 


This release authorizes BNM to take photos of your pet(s) for client files and for company website and social media pages.  All photos are the property of BNM

Matted coats

Matted coats can hide and cause a variety of skin and health problems.  Matted fur does not allow for air flow making your dog hotter, prone to bacterial and fungal infections, flea ticks, maggots, and other parasites that may be lurking in the coat causing further skin damage.  Matted fur also pulls and binds causing pain to the pet when they move or lay down on the matts.  The skin under the matts is often red, raw and inflamed.  Due to this matting your dog may need to be shaved extremely short to the skin and may show signs of skin irritations and sores due to the matted, wet undercoat and dirty undercoat.  To correct this and take care of the skin, the dog needs to be brushed and groomed often.  The required grooming session may be long stressful, and/or painful for your pet.  More than 1 grooming session may be needed to complete the groom.  My goal is to provide a stress free, pain free grooming experience for your pet(s). Due to the condition of your dogs coat I may choose to humanely shave your dog to remove the matting, this is less stressful and less painful.  There is a strong chance that your pets skin will become irritated during the clipping phase.   We will use a medicated shampoo to soothe the skin and any irritation that will occur. Due to the fact that I will have to work very closely to your dogs skin to remove the matted fur it is possible that your pet may be nicked, scratched, and in some cases skin may be dragged into the clippers due to a mat getting hung up in the clipper.  We will avoid this as much as possible.  This type of cut is out of the ordinary realm of grooming and has a  fee of $10-$50 depending on the size of your dog added to the standard grooming fee.  Let us help in keeping the coat in proper condition with teaching you how to brush with the correct brush so that this does not happen again. 

If you choose to have the matted areas brushed out instead I will only perform this on a coat that has matted areas (no the entire dog)at the cost of $1 a minute minimum fee is $15.00 this is a time consuming and painful process.  Please let us help you keep your pet clean and brushed so that this can be avoided at all cost. 

Double coated dogs

The only way I will shave a spitz breeds coat is that it is so matted that I am forced to. Shaving a double coated breed (Samoyed, Husky, Pomeranian, Malamute, Collie,)  changes the texture of the coat and alters the growing phase. Often the coat will not grow back in at all or grows in incorrectly. Also, it takes from one to one and a half years for the coat to completely come back in.  I will trim the coat for neatness as it should be kept.  If you want your double-coated breed shaved I suggest you find a different groomer. 

We look forward to having you and your pet(s) as part of our BNM team. 

Matted Coat Consent Form


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